Every home has a story!  HomeBinge shortens the sales cycle of your residential listing with professional video instead of relying on still images.  We understand the buyer needs to feel like they are actually walking through the home, so we have researched and created an experience that attracts an educated & qualified buyer or referral to the home.  HomeBinge uses 25 years of commercial video and filmmaking experience that can augment or replace traditional still photography.  Our founders have produced Hollywood films, major broadcast commercials and corporate video for Fortune 500’s.  Our goal is to attract the right buyer and offer to the property on or before the first showing.

John Carter, Executive Producer  

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FOR Homes priced under 1 million
  • Two or more orders booked on the same day receive $100 discount per additional listing, same for referrals that you provide.

FOR Homes priced 1 to 2 million
  • Two or more orders booked on the same day receive $100 discount per additional listing, same for referrals that you provide.

For Homes priced over 2 million
  • Please send us the listing prior to your consultation call and we will provide your price on the call.


Our pricing includes everything for a delivered video

Note: Pricing is for houses within 30 miles of Washington DC.  We service homes in other markets. Please send the listing(s) and book a call.

CALL (571) 437-6777


Your consultation only takes 15-minutes over the phone.  Email us two times for your call and we will confirm, include your cell number and a link for the listing if you have it.  We will send your one-page questionnaire prior to the call. On the call we take you through the process and determine whether you want to be in the video, simply narrate the video or have us do it.  We book your video (shooting your video takes about 1 hour).  You receive your video within 48 hours.

John Carter

Also, please be prepared with the top 5 to 10 features of the home.  For example: custom construction features, historical features (Tom Cruise lived here), landscaping, remodeling, location etc.  Also let us know anything that is a misconception about the home that is getting in the way of offers or showings.  We can often address that challenge for you.

Super bright colors
3K video



How long does it take?
A 15-minute phone consultation, a few minutes for you to fill out the questionnaire afterwards and one hour at the property.  We mutually determine whether you need to be at the property for the shoot day.

What do I need to do for the shoot day?
If you are on camera you will usually only need to intro and outro the video on camera.  That takes five minutes or so.  Some realtors like more on-camera time and some prefer to simply narrate the script describing the key features of the home off camera.

What if I have multiple listings, can I shoot them in one day?
Yes, with a discount!

What if I know other realtors I can refer?
Send us their info and we will log you into our system for your discount.

What if I already have still photos of the staged home, can you use those?
Usually we can integrate those images at no additional charge if we feel they will sell the home faster.

Is the video mine to use however I want?
Yes, we deliver a downloadable link similar to still photography.  We also feature the homes on our site.

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Super bright colors
3K video